• What is Camp Kesem?

    Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer. Our flagship program provides 90+ weeks of free summer camp to over 6,000 children at campsites around the country.

    Children who attend Camp Kesem are welcome back year after year (starting at the age of 6) to receive life-changing benefits as they discover the positive impact of a community made up of other children who understand their life journey.

    Each camp is affiliated with a college and we currently engage over 3,000 college student volunteers who work year-round to plan every aspect of their own, local camps. These students - while giving so much to the children, also benefit from the incredible leadership development program offered by Kesem as they take on strong, transferable leadership skills within their local chapters.

    The Kesem model is scalable and replicable - allowing us to reach more and more children touched by a parent's cancer:

    • Over the last 5 years, the organization has increased our service reach by 5 times, and grown from 23 to over 80 college chapters.  
    • Growth comes and more children are served through the growth of each individual Kesem chapter (each chapter is required to serve 20% more children annually) and through the opening of 10-12 new chapters each year. 
  • How do we start a chapter at Pepperdine University?

    Starting a new Camp Kesem chapter at Pepperdine requires $40,000.

    This $40,000 is seed funding needed during the first four years of Pepperdine's new chapter (as it is with all new chapters) that offsets the start-up costs that are the responsibility of the local chapter. After the first four years, the Pepperdine Camp Kesem chapter will be completely self–sustaining and able to raise all of their local fundraising requirements themselves.

    We need your help in raising this $40,000 and greatly appreciate your support in making the new Pepperdine Camp Kesem chapter a reality! 

    You can make your tax-deductible donation to this cause on this page. And please help us by sharing the link to this page and a request for support to your friends and contacts! donate.kesem.org/pepperdinechapter

    Thank you so much!

    Craig Burritt

    (818) 489-5160